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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been a while since Tonya Hughes and her family visited New Crown Cemetery on the southeast side of Indianapolis.

Several family members are buried there, including Tonya’s sister 4-year-old Angela Golden.

The name may not be familiar, but her death may be. Angela Golden was the little girl killed in 1963 after being hit by a car driven by Donald Cline, the former fertility doctor who fathered more than 90 donor children by using his own sperm on patients.

“She tried to cross the street by herself, and that’s how the accident happened,” explained Hughes.

Extended family outside on the porch witnessed it all.

“Everything was just chaos,” said Jeff Golden, Tonya and Angela’s brother. “I can remember that vision of all of us standing around, and my grandfather sitting on the ground holding my sister in his arms.”

For the Golden family, the memories were kept in old newspaper clippings in a family album, but the Netflix documentary “Our Father” brought those memories back as it showcased a clipping that showed their former address: 1009 W. New York Street, which is now where the IUPUI track sits.

A reenactment of Angela’s death was also featured in the Netflix documentary. In it, Angela Golden was a white girl riding a tricycle when she was hit. But in real life, Angela Golden was Black.

“My sister was a sweet little girl. If you’re going to tell the story, just tell the truth,” said Jeff.

Dana Daniel, Angela’s cousin, says it’s a matter of respect.

“Out of respect, Angela was from what I’ve heard just a fun-loving little girl just going across the street. Just give her her respect of who she was.”

In the film, Cline’s former colleagues say it was the accident that transformed the former fertility expert into a deeply religious man.

While Angela Golden’s life was short, the joy she brought to her family led Tonya Hughes to name her own daughter after Angela.

Tragically, Tonya’s daughter Angela was also killed in a car accident at the age of 15 in 1994.

“It’s not something you ever get over,” said Tonya. “You go through that pain constantly.”

The Golden family considers the two Angelas their angels. It’s another reason they say getting the facts right matters.

“I’d like to say the Lord works in mysterious ways. I appreciate you doing this story,” said Jeff Golden in a phone call to FOX59’s Angela Ganote.

“You know my name is Angela, right?” asked Ganote over the phone.

Jeff Golden answered, “Yes. Yes. Ain’t that something? The Lord does work in mysterious ways. That’s right, absolutely. Use the Angela to get the truth out about Angela.”

Cline was 24 at the time of the deadly crash. The Golden family says he was distraught after hitting the 4-year-old and was very remorseful. He also paid for Golden’s funeral.

The director and producer of “Our Father” have apologized for portraying Angela Golden incorrectly.

They told Angela Ganote they couldn’t find a living relative but went to Golden’s gravesite to pay their respects while filming here in Indiana.