MOORESVILLE, Ind. — For the first time in days, a Mooresville student was able to walk. Friday morning, Trinity Shockley took her first steps out of her bed at Riley Children’s Hospital.

She’s been there since Tuesday morning when she was hit by a car in Mooresville while crossing the street to get to her bus.

Trinity’s aunt, Angela Altmeyer, said Trinity is usually a fun, loving girl.

”She’s outgoing. She just wants to go, go, go. She’s always on the move,” Altmeyer said.

Altmeyer said the 15-year-old has a fractured femur, fractured arm, sprained ACL, two brain contusions and a web compression fracture.

Trinity Shockley in her hospital bed

Altmeyer said the last few days have been filled with pain.

”The couple nights prior to this she was not able to talk. She was screaming and crying in so much pain,” Altmeyer said.

With those first steps Friday morning, Trinity begins to show progress toward recovering, though.

”It’s been a whirlwind. I think last night was the first night that anybody got any sort of sleep,” Altmeyer said.

By Trinity’s side the entire time has been her father, Tim.

”He won’t go home, he won’t take any rest, he’s right there in the room wanting to hear every update,” Altmeyer said.

Tim is a single dad and 19-year military veteran. Altmeyer said Tim and Trinity are very close.

“Her and her dad, they are just best friends,” Altmeyer said. “They are always together, and she looks up to him.”

Court documents state Trinity was hit, thrown into the air and then rolled over by a car before it stopped Tuesday morning around 6:50. Trinity was crossing Indiana St., near the intersection with County Line Rd., to her waiting school bus. The flashing yellow lights were on, but the stop arm was not yet out.

The driver of the car that hit Trinity was Michael Simpson. He has since been charged with causing serious bodily harm while driving a motor vehicle intoxicated, among other charges. 

Court docs reveal Simpson told police he was drunk the day before. A preliminary breath test showed Simpson’s BAC was over the legal limit.

Simpson bonded out of jail shortly after being charged, something that has frustrated Trinity’s family.

”He was out and about and doing his thing as Trinity was screaming and crying in so much pain,” Altmeyer said.

One of the things helping the family through has been the support from the community.

”They’ve been really responsive. They’ve been wanting to send cards and whatever they can do,” she said.

Altmeyer said the focus now is hoping for justice and a full recovery for Trinity. 

”We want to make sure she heals and doesn’t have any long-term effects,” she said.

Mooresville Schools are also trying to help raise money for Trinity. If students hit certain fundraising goals, students and staff have agreed to shave heads, legs and beards.

If you would like to help out Trinity and Tim Shockley during this difficult time, you can donate money at this link.

The intersection of Indiana St. and County Line Rd. in Mooresville has been in the news before for being a dangerous intersection. Last October, a Mooresville resident warned others about it after two crashes there in just a few months.