INDIANAPOLIS — FedEx has confirmed to FOX59/CBS4 that it plans to close airport maintenance operations in Los Angeles and consolidate operations in Indianapolis to reduce costs.

In a statement sent Monday, a FedEx spokesperson said that the change is expected to take place in the summer of 2024.

“A leased facility at Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) that FedEx Express currently utilizes as an aircraft maintenance facility is expected to expire in June 2024,” FedEx’s statement reads.

Once this lease expires, FedEx said, the company plans to close down the Los Angeles International Airport facility and move its operations to Indianapolis International Airport.

“Upon expiration of this lease agreement, FedEx Express plans to discontinue use of the facility at 7401 World Way West and will move the heavy maintenance capability to our Indianapolis hub,” the statement reads.

FedEx clarified that this does not affect all Los Angeles operations but rather just airport maintenance.

“This adjustment only affects the maintenance hangar facility, FedEx will continue to operate throughout the Greater Los Angeles area,” the statement said. “As such, the transition will be seamless to customers, who can expect the same reliable service they receive today.”

The company’s statement said that this transition is a part of routine evaluations to try and save on overall costs.

“FedEx regularly evaluates its networks and makes adjustments to enhance service, improve operational efficiencies, and lower the cost to serve. FedEx Express, the company’s air operation and world’s largest all-cargo airline, operates numerous aircraft maintenance facilities throughout its global network to ensure the safe operations of all aircraft fleet.”

FedEx statement

FOX59/CBS4 has reached out to a spokesperson for the Indianapolis International Airport for comment.