CARMEL, Ind.- Behind the big smile is a little girl named Vera. She’s a 5-year-old, kindergartner that may not realize a scary day a couple of years ago is now part of her family’s purpose.

“We lived a miracle. Everybody did exactly what they were meant to do,” said Erin Uber, Vera’s mom.

In April 2020, Vera was at home playing with her dad when she went into sudden cardiac arrest.

“Just in our kitchen she collapsed all I heard was a thud and the sound stopped,” said Mike Uber, Vera’s dad.

Mike Uber yelled to one of his older daughters to call 911. The dispatcher talked him through how to do CPR.  Emergency crews arrived, took over and revived Vera.

“With every minute reestablishing that heart rate diminishes, time is of the essence our community jumped into action perfectly,” said Erin Uber.

Vera’s emergency is just one of the countless cardiac arrest calls for the Carmel Fire Department and that’s why they’re constantly encouraging everyone to refresh their life-saving skills.

“So, you want to find the chest, deep compressions, 100-120 a minute and that way you can really give that person a much better chance at living before we get there or first responders,” demonstrates Tim Griffin, with the Carmel Fire Department.

Five AED’S and station stations are being installed along the Monon. These resources will be there for those just in case situations.

“The more they’re out there the more tools people have to save lives,” said Griffin.

Vera is healthy and was diagnosed with a rare heart arrhythmia.  Now the Ubers always have an AED nearby. There is one installed along the Monon at Midtown in Carmel.  That AED safety station is extra meaningful. The Uber family did fundraising for it in honor of Ver and to help someone else’s heart.

“I hope it’s never my daughter again but it’s going to be somebody’s kid or somebody’s brother or somebody’s father or somebody’s wife that needs it next time,” said Mike Uber, Vera’s dad.

If you want to learn more about hands-on CPR, click here to watch a short video demonstration from the Carmel Fire Department.