FISHERS, Ind. — Mayor Scott Fadness stood in the wreck of what was his office at Fishers City Hall.

“I’m not sure where my office would be in the new building but I’m sure I do have an office,” he said. “10 years I think I sat here. Maybe even longer.”

The interior of the city hall is literally a wreck.

The lights are out, the water is off and the Fishers Police SWAT team and Fishers Fire Department have used the old building for training.

Glass is smashed, doors destroyed, wires pulled from the ceiling, holes punched in walls and great gouges torn out of the roof.

The days of the 1991 building are numbered.

“We have actually advertised this to residents if they wanna come out between now and the end of the week, you’re gonna see a lot of big equipment out there tearing the actual building down,” said Fadness. “We’ll have bricks available if people are sentimental and want to take a brick, they can take one and then ultimately we’ll start construction from the ground floor up obviously in the January to February time frame.”

The old building must come down before it sinks into the Fishers topsoil.

“Our one side of the building, our western side of the building, is actually sinking into the ground,” said Fadness. “We tried to stabilize that three or four times and have just not been able to do that effectively. That along with electrical upgrades, HVAC upgrades, we did our analysis and it would actually cost as much money to just stabilize the building as it would to build a new building to meet the needs for the next thirty to 50 years.”

Fishers will spend $22.8 million to build a new city hall.

“Our new building, the city hall will be on the second and third floors and then the Indianapolis Art Center will have an art center on the first floor that will provide art classes to our community,” said Fadness. “One of the things that we want to do is bring people closer to their government. Right now, most days, there weren’t a whole lot of people walking in the doors of city hall, so, with the art center being here, we really opened up the first floor to be available to residents to pursue their artistic passions and then the second and third floors will be city hall.”

The Fishers City Council recently approved more than a billion dollars in public and private development, including the $550 million Fishers District which will include an events center and hockey arena and the Andretti Motorsports Global Headquarters at Indianapolis Municipal Airport.

“I think it’s an appropriate decision to kind of call Fishers a teenager, it’s in its formative years, so right now we really are deciding who are we gonna be as an adult community. So these decisions that we are making are really casting the stones for the next 10, 20, 30, 40 years,” said Fadness. “I have people seen embrace change far more than they did in the past. When we first started doing projects it was difficult but nowadays I think people are proud of what this community has become and is becoming.”

When the Fishers Town Hall was built, the community was home to 7500 people.

In 2022, the population stood at 93,488.

“We have a lot going on,” said the mayor.