FORTVILLE, Ind. — A fire late on New Year’s Eve forced several small businesses in Fortville to temporarily halt their operations. Fortunately, no one was injured and the investigation, including the cause, is ongoing.

“We just heard a bunch of sirens, like constant sirens and saw a bunch of lights,” said Krista Schuyler, a co-owner of the Fortville Music Garage.

Krista and her husband Zack own the business which offers a variety of musical services to the community and houses a church too.

“We have to replace thousands of dollars of equipment in our space,” Zack said. “We also host Emerge Church so they’re displaced as well.”

Authorities say a fire broke out in the Bonsai Fortville restaurant right next door to the Fortville Music Garage. Vernon Township Fire Chief Mark Elder said smoke caused damage to several of the surrounding businesses.

“Everybody’s like, ‘hey it could be worse’ and it could be,” Jordan Hess, who owns Studio Esthetics, said. “The building’s still standing, all my stuff is still there. Nobody was here. Silver lining. Stuff can be replaced right?”

Hess’ business is inside of the building with Bonsai. She says a generous friend is loaning her space so she can continue to serve her clients.

“I rushed over here and thankfully the fire marshal’s were really nice and let me in the building to gather some of my stuff,” Hess said.

Neighbors have blessed the Schuylers with space to operate too.

“We’ve been surrounded by business owners coming together and Gateway Church here in Fortville has given us the use of their community building, which is literally one block down the street, for us to be able to hold lessons and continue our lessons until we get our space cleaned up and our equipment replaced,” Zack said.

The business owners do not know when they will be able to get inside the buildings and assess the damage to their belongings. They also tell us they do not know when power will be returned to their buildings.