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INDIANAPOLIS — Fountain Square neighbors are concerned after anti-Semitic vandalism popped up on homes and buildings near Prospect Street.

“I have no tolerance for that, and I think that that should be the standpoint of everyone in our city,” said Salley, one of the vandalism victims who asked to remain anonymous.

This symbol was drawn on Salley’s door. Her partner discovered it last week as they were leaving the house. The Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) Center for Extremism calls the marking Nazi-related. The center of the marking looks like a swastika, but it is surrounded by other symbols. ADL says some of the outside marks depict an SS bolt and sig runes, however they are unsure of the other letters around the swastika.

“I think it was less about being targeted,” says Salley, whose family is not Jewish. “There were swastikas on other houses in the neighborhood, as well as other abandoned buildings. I think it was just hate for the sake of hate.”

Salley has spotted the vandalism in three or four other locations. She is planning to file a police report soon.

“We do have a lieutenant and several investigators who somewhat closely investigate graffiti crimes and vandalism,” explained Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer William Young. “At this point, not sure if it is a hate symbol. From what I can tell it does have some of the effects of a swastika.”

Officer Young suggests anyone who has been a victim of vandalism like this to refrain from removing the markings until investigators can take a look at it.

Rabbi Sue Silberberg is the executive director of the Hillel House at Indiana University. She says swastikas were found in parts of Bloomington in December. Rabbi Silberberg admits the school has been dealing with a rise in anti-Semitism.

“There’s some blog site called Greek Rank, and there was some very anti-Semitic comments posted on that site. Worse than most I have ever seen before,” tells Rabbi Silberberg, “These acts are committed by a few cowardly people. The swastika is something that for Jews engenders fear within us.”