INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts and Republic Services will host a free electronic day at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, May 13, according to a press release from Republic Services and the colts website.

Businesses and everyday people are being asked to gather their unwanted electronics and drive up to Lucas Oil Stadium where they will unload your vehicle and safely dispose of the items.

As an incentive, free Colts hats and other merchandise will be given to the first 400 cars. You will be able to visit with Blue, the team mascot, or members from the Colts Cheer Squad. There will also be Colts Pro-Shop Discounts and the opportunity to win a Colts autographed item.

The event will take place on Saturday, May 13, 2023 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Lucas Oil Stadium in the South Parking Lot. The direct location is 500 S. Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, Ind., 46225.

The rule is bring the item if it turns on or plugs in; it also doesn’t matter how old the item is.

Here’s a list below of specific items that you can drop off:

CRT monitors
Tube TVs, all TVs
LCD displays
Computers, laptops, tablets
Cell phones, desk phones
Printed circuit boards
Microwave ovens and most small appliances with cords that plug in
Telecommunication equipment
Cables, wires, chargers
Medical electronics
Fax machines
UPS equipment
All batteries (any kind or size)
Industrial electronics
Television production equipment
Office copiers
Satellite TV equipment
Electrical equipment
Laboratory equipment
IT equipment (hubs, switches, etc.)
Consumer electronics, including DVD players, stereos, radios

For more information, please visit the Tech-recyclers site or the colts web page.