LOGANSPORT, Ind. – A child charged in a disturbing assault at a sleepover in Logansport also faces charges in connection with a separate assault on a school bus.

According to the Cass County Prosecutor’s Office, the bus assault, which was caught on camera, happened on the same day as the sleepover incident.

“I can confirm that the juvenile has also been charged with an allegation of battery stemming from an incident on a bus on Friday, February 25,” said Cass County Prosecutor Noah Schafer.

Police took a report about the disturbance. Video of the bus incident shows a young girl repeatedly striking another student. At one point, she pulls the victim’s hair and punches the top of her head.

The mother of the bus assault victim said the attack appeared to be completely unprovoked.

“I know that no child should have to go through that. No parent should have to,” she said.

“It was far worse what happened to the other child, but I don’t think any of it should be considered or taken lightly,” she said, referring to the sleepover incident.

The bus assault victim’s mother said it seemed like the girl “needs help” and must learn that behavior like this “isn’t okay.”

The same girl was charged in connection with a separate attack at a sleepover. According to the Logansport Police Department, a juvenile had been battered during the incident, with a relative saying she was “tortured, beaten and confined.”

The victim’s mother said her daughter’s face was cut with a sharp object and she had part of her head shaved. She was also burned with cigarette lighters.

While police couldn’t confirm details of the sleepover incident, they did say it went beyond bullying.