GREENFIELD, Ind. — A Greenfield woman said she found a dog tied and abandoned along a county road in frigid temperatures.

Kristin Murnan explained that she was on her way into work on Dec. 23 when she spotted the dog curled up in a ditch in the area of N. 375 E. and E. 300 N. The high temperature in Greenfield that day was 0°, per AccuWeather. Murnan said the dog was tied to frozen corn stalks with an electronics cord of some type, but she thinks he was originally tied to a nearby telephone pole and managed break free before becoming entangled in the corn.

Murnan said after contacting animal control, she untangled the cord from the stalks and walked the dog up to the road using the cord as a leash. The dog walked into her car through the driver’s-side door she’d left open and sat in the passenger seat, said Murnan.

Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management confirmed that they have impounded the dog, and it is now at the shelter. Animal management said the dog did not have a microchip or any identifying tags, and as of Thursday afternoon, no one had come forward with information on the dog.

“We will hold the dog for our stray hold which is five business days. At this time the dog is not available for adoption and likely will not be in the future as he is extremely aggressive,” explained Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management in an email.

Murnan hopes the person responsible for “this terrible act of animal cruelty” is held accountable.

“They intended for this dog to lie there and freeze to death,” said Murnan. “I’m glad I was able find him. But that isn’t enough.”

Anyone with information can call Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management at 317-325-1436.