GREENSBURG, Ind. — It’s a lot of work, and Greensburg Mayor Joshua Marsh said he couldn’t be happier about it.

On Tuesday, Honda announced its popular Accord would be made in the Greensburg plant starting in 2025.

“Their announcement came as a surprise to a lot of people in Indiana and we’re glad to see it happening right here in Greensburg,” said Marsh.

The factory already produces the CR-V, the biggest selling Honda in the US. The prospect of the plant selling the automaker’s top two vehicles in the American market adds up to  stability, says Marsh, “My confidence is extremely high… and I think showing that the facility can be re-tooled to make yet another model line shows that this facility is a part of their long-term plan.”

According to Kelley Blue Book, Honda sold more than 154,000 Accords last year along with 238,000 CR-V’s.

The shift of the Accord to Indiana comes about because of Honda’s move to expand electric vehicle production in America. The Accord is currently made in the Marysville, Ohio facility which will undergo a transformation to focus on E-V’s starting in 2026.

The addition of the Accord to Greensburg does not come with additional jobs at the plant.

In an email, Honda spokesperson Chris Abbruzzese explained, “We expect to maintain employment stability across all locations during these key next steps in this transition and the Indiana Auto Plant is currently hiring.”

A review of currently available jobs at the Honda plant, we found the lowest paying one was for $28.00/hr. plus a $5,000 signing bonus with full benefits.