HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. — An animal cruelty investigation is underway in Hancock County after dozens of animals were seized from the property.

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years and it’s been one of the more horrific cases that we’ve seen. There really is no excuse for what happened,” said Adria Johnson, president of A Critter’s Chance.

Crews found a wide variety of animals including goats, pigs, chickens, and sheep starving and sick. More than 70 animals were seized. Another 37 were found dead.

“There was just a complete lack of care and compassion for any type of animal,” said Olivia Head, founder of Oinking Acres Farm and Rescue Sanctuary.

Olivia Head is the founder of Oinking Acres Farm and Rescue Sanctuary based in Brownsburg.  Head’s organization is one of the groups called in to help. She said animals were left without food, water and barely any shelter.

“When we first walked into the barn where these pigs were sleeping, it was very early in the morning. All three of these guys were snuggled up next to a recently deceased calf,” described Head.

Rescue organizations shared pictures with FOX59, showing goats and sheep they found locked in a truck after hearing the animals’ cries.

“It’s one of those moments when you’re kind of in the moment trying to capture animals to rescue and you see something like that it’s just gut-wrenching,” said Johnson.

A report has been filed and an investigation is underway. Adria Johnson is with Critter’s Chance, an animal rescue group. She’s pushing for punishment against the person responsible for this heartbreaking case.

“In order to make an impact, justice does need to be served in situations like this,” said Johnson.

For now, the focus is caring for these animals and making sure they’re healthy.

“They’re doing much better now. They’re a lot happier,” said Head.

The Hancock County prosecutor is reviewing a report and will work with law enforcement to determine if/what charges will be filed.

If you’re interested in helping Oinking Acres Farm and Rescue Sanctuary or A Critter’s Chance, information can be found on their websites.