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INDIANAPOLIS — Surging gas prices have some Hoosiers looking for an alternative way to get around town.

So far this March, Lime Scooters has seen a 30% increase in usage in Indy. Those numbers come despite the city hosting the entirety of the NCAA March Madness tournament last year. In warmer climates, March has seen a 60% spike in Lime Scooter rides.

“That is attributable to the fact that gas prices are rising, spring temperatures are rising,” explained Lee Foley, Lime’s director of Community and Government Relations. “They are looking for safe, affordable, and sustainable ways to get around Indianapolis.”

Right now Lime pays the city $1 a day for each scooter on the road. They are hoping the city will move to a per trip pay structure that will allow Lime to afford to expand their services into less traveled neighborhoods.

“It’s outside of commuting from home to office. People are commuting from their home to local businesses and local coffee shops just to be able to get out of the house [they may be working from home from],” added Foley.

Reps for the Cultural Trail and Pacers Bike Share are also seeing usage rates rise this March. Pacer Bike Share rentals have been ever growing since the organization restructured their pay scale in 2019.

“We took away the 30-minute ride time frame, and now allow people to ride as long as they want,” remarked Sarah Frey, director of Marketing and Development for Indianapolis Cultural Trail Inc. “We are seeing average rides of 45 to 48 minutes when before it was closer to 16 minutes a ride.”

Frey is also seeing customers begin to change how they approach using the trails as a means of daily transportation.

“I know a lot of people park in Fountain Square with free parking. They park on the outskirts of downtown, and then grab a bike to commute in that way,” detailed Frey.

For those Hoosiers looking to hop on an Uber ride, you can expect to pay a little bit more for the next two months. The company is adding a temporary surcharge. The extra pay is to help drivers make up for the rise in gas costs.