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UPDATE: The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office charged Kyle Rigdon with murder on June 8.


INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Metro Police arrested 27-year-old Kyle Rigdon for his accused involvement in the hit and run death of 29-year-old Kayla Bowling. Court documents reveal new details about what led to his arrest and alleged attempts by Rigdon to avoid capture.

The crash happened just before 11 a.m. Wednesday, June 1 in the 3000 block of S. Rural Street, not far from E. Troy Avenue. The victim was riding her bicycle not far from her home, when someone hit her. By 11:45 a.m., shortly after arriving to the hospital, Bowling was pronounced dead.

New court documents reveal a neighbor heard the accident happen, ran out and called 911. The neighbor told IMPD officers Kayla gave her the license plate number of the vehicle that hit her.

Kyle Ridgon

According to court documents, Bowling’s parents told police their daughter was being stalked and harassed by her ex-boyfriend Kyle Rigdon. Bowling’s dad told police his daughter was scared of Rigdon and seemed to know where she was at all times.

Bowling’s cause of death was ruled as multiple blunt force trauma injuries.

IMPD officers say they received an email from someone who said a friend of his girlfriend was in the car Rigdon at the time of the crash. When officers interviewed that woman, she told police she had not been in the car since the day before the accident. She said she only told someone she was in the car so they would stop asking for money she owed them.

According to court documents, IMPD officers talked to a woman who is the mother of Rigdon’s child. She said that Rigdon came over at 8pm on the day of the accident and was unusually quiet. The mother of his child took pictures of his vehicle and saw what appeared to be new damage to the area just under the passenger’s side headlight.

Rigdon’s employer told IMPD that Rigdon showed up to work at noon on the day of the accident. Court documents say Rigdon told his employer he hurt his girlfriend and asked his boss to say he had been at work since 10am.

Officers took Rigdon into custody on June 3rd after they say he tried to avoid officers by avoiding red lights and suddenly changing directions.

Remembering Kayla

Kayla’s family described her as full of joy and someone who was constantly laughing her way through life.

“She was a loving girl, she loved people, she loved her son,” said Robert. “She was a giggler. Everything was funny to her. She would always tell everybody ‘you’re nuts, you’re nuts,’ it was just the way she was.”

Robert said one of his daughter’s favorite things to do was to ride bikes with her 4-year-old son.

“She loved riding bikes, which he has quite a few. We would go on little trips with her, on their bicycles, and they did a lot of walking together,” Robert shared.

Although he could talk about his love for his daughter all day, Robert finds himself at a loss for words when he tries to explain the pain he feels after she was ripped away from their family — from her son.

“Just numb,” said Robert. “I just can’t believe it.”