Brownsburg native Lori Shearer rode out the worst of Hurricane Ian in her garage in Port Charlotte, Florida.

”Once that second wall hit, it was almost immediate 150 mile-per-hour winds, lots and lots of rain, sideways, everything blowing the opposite direction,” she said. ”Trees were coming down, things were flying through the air, mainly branches and siding and soffits, things like that.”

This morning Lori opened the garage door and surveyed her neighborhood.

”A lot of shingles are off the roofs, a lot of soffits, some of them which are in my yard and in the road across the way from me,” she said. “Our giant oak tree which has a lot of damage to it. We’ve got a lot of wind damage which a light came off of our house, and the water is all the way up to our shed here and we never had had water there.”

Lori lives not far from the spot on the map where Ian came ashore Wednesday afternoon.

”A lot of flooding, especially downtown Punta Gorda, it’s pretty much right on the edge of the harbor and there’s a lot of water damage from our house north and then Sanibel Island has a lot of damage.”

An hour north, in Bradenton, Indianapolis native Angie Barnes drove outside of her apartment community to survey the hurricane aftermath.

”There was a lot more damage, trees down, street signs blown over,” she said. ”We have friends who used to be our neighbors in McCordsville and they now live in Venice and we haven’t heard from them since about three o’clock yesterday afternoon so I think I’m gonna take a drive down there to see if they’re okay.”

Indiana Task Force 1 is sending another 35 members on a chartered bus to double the size of the Hoosier search-and-rescue crew on the ground in Florida.

“The team is prepared to do wide area search and then conduct water operations in flooded areas,” said IFD Battalion Chief Tom Neal. “Storm surge usually gets pushed in pretty quick but it doesn’t leave as quick as it comes in.”

The other half of INTF1 is already staged in Tampa and ready to head for the southern gulf coast.

It may be two weeks before the task force members return to Indiana.

Angie said that if Hoosiers are worried about family and loved ones they haven’t heard from, reach out to other Indiana residents in the area to check on their safety.

Nexstar, Fox 59’s parent corporation, is partnering with the American Red Cross to raise funds for storm relief.