Peak hummingbird migration is typically in April—and Hoosiers are starting to see the signs!

According to, several hummingbirds have already been sighted in Indiana.

The website has received reports of hummingbirds in Bargersville, Evansville, Frankfort, Freetown, Jasper and Nashville so far.

The earliest reported sighting on the website involved Ruby-throated hummingbirds on March 28 in Bargersville, Freetown and Jasper.

“Ruby-throated hummingbird sighted,” one Hoosier reported from Frankfort on April 4. “It seemed a bit early, but it was at some early blooming flowers as I sat out enjoying the sun.”

A separate hummingbird-tracking website,, reported even earlier sightings in South Bend (March 17) and Fort Wayne (March 31).

Hummingbirds spend the winter in Central America before heading north to the U.S. The migration begins in February and extends into April as they move further north.

Interested in attracting hummingbirds?

They feed on nectar, so planting flowers is one way to draw them in. Picking a variety of plants that bloom in different points of the summer will attract them at different times.

You can also consider a hummingbird feeder. A simple mixture of four parts water to one part sugar will work. Clean out your feeder every three or four days, especially during peak migration.