INDIANAPOLIS — It’s not the wedding one Indianapolis woman had planned to have, but it’s one that’s coming together through the magic of Hoosier hospitality.

The plan was for Alexa Green to marry her fiancé Pat in St. Petersburg, Florida this upcoming weekend, but on Monday, she was told Hurricane Ian forced her venue to cancel all events.

“It took some time to set in. It took some time to figure out what plan B was going to look like, but we still wanted to get married. And a hurricane can’t stop that, so we decided to move the wedding here to Indy,” said Green.

If Green looks familiar, that’s because she is a former FOX59 morning reporter who worked at the station from 2017 to 2021.

So what’s a soon-to-be bride to do when you have less than a week to get a new venue and vendors?

Green was able to find a last-minute venue, and once that was secured, the New Jersey native shared her story on social media, asking her Indiana friends for any leads for vendors that would be available in just a few days’ notice.

Luckily, those friends came through for her big time, helping her create a new wedding plan.

“The amount of text and calls and DMS [I got,] and everyone being like, ‘How can we help?'”

Although she plans to have a wedding bash in St. Pete some day in the future, Green admits she’s excited about her Indianapolis wedding.

”This could not have been possible anywhere but Indy, Hoosier hospitality is real and this is living proof.”

Best of luck to Alexa and Pat on their big day this Saturday!

Eric Graves contributed to this story.