RICHMOND, Ind. — A Richmond man has been sentenced to 48 years after being found guilty of murdering his roommate on Feb. 7, 2019. The stabbing was reportedly drunken retaliation after the roommate beat him for playing his music too loud.

But Chad Farmer said he never meant to kill Audie Corn.

According to the Palladium-Item, Chad Farmer, 44, was remorseful as he stood before the judge on Friday at his sentencing. He apologized multiple times for his decision when a night of heavy drinking ended with an argument over loud music and Farmer stabbing Audie Corn twice in their kitchen.

“I am disgusted with myself because of what happened,” Farmer said. “I never wanted him to die.

“This was a foolish, senseless act and it never should have taken place.”

Court documents revealed that Farmer had been living with Audie Corn and another family in an apartment on East Main Street in Richmond. All-in-all, police said there were three men, one woman, three children and two dogs staying in the apartment.

On Feb. 7, 2019, Corn, Farmer, and the third man had been heavily drinking, according to the court documents. They’d downed a fifth of rum and a fifth of vodka between them. Farmer reportedly began to play music loudly in his room and an argument over the volume led to a fight between him and Corn. Corn gave Farmer two black eyes and a cut on his head, the court documents said.

The third man reportedly broke up the fight and Corn and Farmer shook hands, documents reveal. But Farmer ended up choosing to retaliate for the beating, picking up a folding knife and finding Corn sitting at a kitchen chair in the kitchen. Farmer stabbed Corn twice, investigators said, returned to his room, folded up the knife and left it on his phone table.

Richmond police reported that when they arrived at the apartment at 3:10 a.m., Corn was found lying in blood just inside the second-floor apartment’s door. He later died in the hospital. The Palladium-Item later reported that autopsy findings confirmed one of the stab wounds had injured Corn’s lung.

According to the Palladium-Item’s report from the sentencing hearing, Farmer apologized for all the pain he had caused and stated there was no question he would take back what had happened if only he could.

“I stole a person’s life,” Farmer said. “I took Audie’s life from him and his family, and that’s something that can’t be replaced.”

Farmer’s defense attorney requested a 47-year sentence, only two years more than the minimum amount of executed time for a murder conviction. His attorney asked the judge to consider Farmer’s intoxication, the provocation of the attack by Corn, and Farmer’s lack of criminal history for this lesser sentence.

The Palladium-Item stated that while the prosecutor “mostly agreed” with the defense attorney about these mitigating factors, and believed Farmer’s remorse, he pointed to the fact that three children — ages 6, 15 and 16 — were all present in the home during the stabbing and heard Corn’s screams.

The prosecutor asked for the advisory 55-year sentence.

In the end, Judge Charles Todd sentenced Farmer to 50 years with two years suspended. Farmer was also credited with 1,156 days of jail time, due to being incarcerated since his arrest. He was also credited with 385 good-time days.