UPDATE: Kayla Goding says the ashes were returned to her on Saturday. She tells us she received a message to “check her mailbox.” The charm containing her son’s ashes was inside.


INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis mother is pleading for the return of her son’s ashes after they were taken when someone stole her wallet last week.

Kayla Goding’s partner says Kayla was working the cash register at the Dollar General at 2001 W. Washington Street on April 22 when a man stole her wallet.

Photo provided by Kayla Goding

Inside was something priceless and irreplaceable: a necklace with a charm containing her son’s ashes.

“I’m just terrified that’s going to get pawned, sold or even just tossed the ground like it doesn’t mean nothing and to me that’s sentimental,” Goding said.

The charm is in the shape of angel wings and has Kayla’s son’s initials (“KAG”) on the back.

Kayden Andrew Goding was delivered at 13 weeks and two days through a D&C (dilation and curettage) procedure following a miscarriage in 2021.

Now, Kayla says she wants the man who stole her wallet to come forward.

“I want his [Kayden’s] charm back and for him to turn himself in because not only did he steal from me but a deceased child and my son who is alive and well.”

Photo provided by Kayla Goding

She asks anyone who has the charm or any pawn shop that may have come in possession of it to either return it to a Safe Haven location on the west side of Indianapolis or contact her.

“They need to give me at least my son back. I don’t care about my wallet. I don’t care about the ID. I don’t care about the Social Security card keep it,” Kayla said. “But at least have the decency to give me back my son‘s ashes that’s the least you can do.”

Kayla says a police report was filed when her wallet was stolen originally, so people can also reach out to IMPD if they have any information on the suspect.

The wallet also has significant meaning, according to Kayla. The back of it has green Riley Hospital for Children stickers with dates on them.

She says while the stolen wallet is important — it can be replaced. Her son’s ashes cannot.

“I just want my baby boy’s ashes.”