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The man arrested in connection with the Delphi murder case has asked for a public defender. 

According to court documents filed this week, Richard Allen asked the court to provide him with a defense attorney. Prior to the request, Allen had signaled his intention to hire private counsel. 

Indiana State Police announced Allen’s arrest on Oct. 31, saying he was facing two counts of murder in connection with the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German in February 2017. 

Richard Allen/Indiana Department of Correction

He has been moved at least twice, having been held at the Carroll County Jail before being transferred to the White County Jail. He was subsequently taken to an undisclosed state facility for his own safety. 

The Indiana Department of Correction released a booking photo of Allen earlier this week. 

In a handwritten letter obtained by FOX59, Allen begged for the “mercy of the court.” During his initial hearing on Oct. 28, he indicated plans to hire private counsel. 

Image of Richard Allen’s letter

Allen, however, wrote that he had “no clue how expensive it would be just to talk to someone.” He said the arrest and charges had directly affected his family’s finances because he was no longer employed and his wife had to abandon their home for her “personal safety.” 

“Again, I throw myself at the mercy of the court. Please provide me whatever assistance you may,” Allen wrote. 

The return address on the letter was the White County Jail, where Allen had been incarcerated prior to his transfer to the state facility. 

Police have not revealed Allen’s connection to the Delphi case or his potential role in the girls’ deaths. Details about his arrest are extremely limited. 

Here is a transcription of Allen’s letter:

To: Carroll Circuit Court and those associated

RE: Cause No. 08C01-2210-MR-1

In the cause listed above, I, Richard M. Allen, hereby throw myself at the mercy of the court. I am begging to be provide [sic] with legal assistance in a Public Defender or whatever help is available.

At my initial hearing on Oct. 28, 2022, I asked to find representation for myself. However, at the time I had no clue how expensive it would be just to talk to someone. I also did not realize what my wife and I’s [sic] immediate financial situation was going to be.

We have both been forced to immediately abandon employment, myself due to incarceration and my wife for her personal safety. She has had to abandon our house for her own safety. What little reserve there is will fail to even maintain the original residence.

Again I throw myself at the mercy of the court. Please provide me whatever assistance you may.

Thank you for your time in this most urgent matter.



Richard M. Allen