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INDIANAPOLIS — The identity of an Indianapolis man who died while being detained by police has been released.

Responding to a disturbance at a home on Indy’s northeast side on Monday, IMPD officers claim they found 39-year-old Herman Whitfield III naked, sweating and bleeding from the mouth inside the house along with his parents.

Police were first called to the home around 3:20 Monday morning. The man who lives in the home said his son was, “Having a psychosis.”

Police said they began to talk to Whitfield but lost sight of him several times as he moved around the home.

After around ten minutes of negotiating with Whitfield, police insist he moved quickly towards an officer who responded by deploying a taser.

The officer shocked Whitfield twice for five seconds, while police said he continued to resist.

Police describe Whitfield as a large man, six-foot-two inches tall and weighing 280 pounds. Because of his size officers placed him in two linked handcuffs while face down.

At that point, medics were called inside the home and asked Whitfield to roll over. When he didn’t respond, the medics realized the man didn’t have a pulse. Officers quickly uncuffed him and began CPR.

Whitfield died after being rushed to the hospital. Police and neighbors didn’t want to talk about the case on camera.

Multiple officers were wearing body-worn cameras, which were activated. The video has not yet been released.

The officers involved have been placed on administrative leave while the case is investigated.

The civilian Use of Force review board will also review the case once the internal investigations are complete.