INDIANAPOLIS — The hack of the Indianapolis Housing Agency’s information system is into its third week and thousands of public housing assistance recipients and their landlords apparently only know about it from media accounts.

They say no one at IHA has reached out to them about the risk to their personal and financial information.

”No one has told me anything,” said Aisha Towens Rashid, who is on disability and awaiting a Section 8 voucher to move herself and three children out of a friend’s apartment. ”Tuesday I called back, nothing. Wednesday I called back, nothing. Went back down there, nothing.”

Tracie Alexander owns a pair of duplexes on North College Avenue.

”I have not heard anything, we have not received anything in the mail, fliers, any sort of communication.”

“So is it pretty much safe to say that everything you’ve learned about this data breach hack and how it has impacted your Section 8 properties you have learned from me?” I asked.

“Exactly,” she said. “Everything I have learned has been from you.”

It’s been two weeks since FOX59 News notified IHA and the mayor’s office that we were aware of the breach.

It was a week before IHA’s public relations contractor issued a statement to residents living in agency properties about the intrusion, how to protect their potentially compromised personal data and an email address on where to send their questions.

While IHA provides housing assistance for approximately 25,000 low-income recipients in Marion County, the majority of them live in privately-owned properties and pay their rent with Section 8 vouchers, and neither they nor their landlords have received any direct information from the agency regarding the hack.

“When I went down there, the doors was closed and they just had a note on the door saying, ‘Due to an unforeseen circumstance, IHA was closed,’” said Aisha. ”I need my voucher to move into my new place and I can’t even get that.”

I met Alexander outside IHA headquarters a week ago as she left after her questions about receiving Section 8 landlord payments went unanswered.

”They are being really snappy and not wanting to communicate and give us any information,” she said. ”I don’t know exactly what to do at this point, I’m kind of relying on you for information.”

The latest information came this morning in the form of an IHA statement to FOX59 News after repeated inquiries of agency and city officials about the dilemmas that landlords and Section 8 residents faced.

“Payments to our utility companies and vendors have begun,” read the statement issued from the PR contractor on IHA letterhead. “Landlord/owner payments will be completed by the end of the week. We will address concerns associated with late fees once all rental payments are completed.  As a reminder, under the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations, the landlord/owners may not terminate the tenancy for nonpayment of the IHA housing assistance payment. The tenant is also not responsible for paying the portion of the rent to the landlord/owners covered by the IHA housing assistance payment under the HAP Contract.”

”How are they supposed to notify us that they’re going to make these payments when they haven’t even notified us that the breach has happened?” Alexander asked after I provided her with the IHA release. “Our bank accounts have been compromised, our personal information, I don’t know how that’s gonna take place.”

“If their email system is down, how are they supposed to tell people this?” I asked.

“Exactly. I feel exactly the same way,” said Alexander. “There’s no way they can communicate with us and let us know this has happened, there’s gonna be no way send or payments out.

”I don’t think they’re gonna pull that off. I think that letter’s just to give us some type of notice or some type of reassurance. I’m sure the tenants have been going to their office for information and it’s just a way to kind of shut us up at this point.”

IHA Interim Executive Director Marcia Lewis did not respond to a request for an interview today.