INDIANAPOLIS — So far in 2023, a total of three tractor-trailers have gotten stuck on the railroad along CR 400W and SR 67. 

Hancock County leaders said this is becoming an increasing trend and something needs to be done before someone is seriously injured.

“What we are starting with, we have a physical problem, the railroad track sits much higher than SR 67,” said Hancock County Highway Department Engineer Gary Pool.

That difference in height has caused 15 semi trucks to become stuck on the tracks, five of those hit by a train. 

“March just started and we already have three stuck on the track so far this year. if we do the math that tells us we should anticipate about 24 trucks getting stuck this year,” said Hancock County Sheriff’s Cpt. Robert Harris.

Harris said no major injuries resulted from these accidents, so far.

“We have been blessed so far that the trucks that have been hit didn’t have any hazardous materials on them and we hope that doesn’t change,” said Cpt. Harris.

There is already signage warning drivers of the danger ahead, but Pool said more are going in.

“We are putting those signs up to give those truckers another look at it and hope they can make the decision to not drive southbound on 400W.”

Pool said INDOT is also working to make sure that route becomes less desirable on Google Maps as an interim fix. 

The permanent fix is complicated and many agencies are involved. 

“The long-term fix would be to raise SR 67. The problem is physical,” Pool said. “The railroad tracks are here, and the road is here. The railroad is not going to change.”

Pool said the new signs should be installed next week.