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Indiana should probably get back in the gym, a new study has found.

Indiana was ranked the 10th most out of shape state in the U.S. in a new study by, which reviews treadmill reviews and shares industry news.

RunReviews studied two categories – health status and lifestyle indicators – and examined federal data on obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The study also looked at the percentage of adults who got regular wellness checkups, those who exercised, and the number of gyms available.

Indiana’s obesity rate was the 5th worst in the country, at 36.8 percent, according to information from the CDC.

The state in the best shape? It’s not a state at all. Washington, D.C. scored above-average on every measure but one, and has the lowest rates of diabetes and heart disease (tied with Utah), and more gyms per 100,000 population than anywhere else, at 20.1, according to RunReviews.

Massachusetts, Colorado, Connecticut and New Hampshire came in behind D.C.

West Virginia was the most out of shape state, just behind Arkansas and Mississippi. Ohio ranked one spot above Indiana.

So not be be too critical, RunReviews offered some tips for staying in shape. It suggests incorporating physical activity into your daily routine, finding a workout buddy, staying on top of your nutrition, hydrating, and being patient with your wellness.