MUNCIE, Ind. — An Indiana State Police K-9 helped troopers disarm and apprehend a suspect near Muncie, Indiana, on Saturday.

According to a press release from Indiana State Police, K-9 Yana ended a police chase that began around 10 p.m. The chase started when Sergeant Nick Albrecht saw a black Chevrolet Camaro with an equipment violation while he was patrolling the area of South Madison Street and Memorial Drive.

ISP reported that Albrecht attempted to initiate a traffic stop to address the violation. The vehicle then fled at a high rate of speed, attempting to evade police by driving through private residential yards.

Troopers’ report on the situation indicates the Camaro eventually got stuck in the yards because the ground was soft. The driver exited the Camaro and fled on foot.

When the driver took off running, trooper Michael Thiron released Yana. As the chase continued, the suspect turned around and pointed a firearm at Yana.

Per ISP, Yana then made contact with the suspect and the firearm, knocking the gun to the ground. The suspect then got back up and continued to run — though Yana ultimately caught up with the person, forcing them to the ground a second time.

Photo of the gun Yana disarmed on Saturday courtesy of Indiana State Police.

With Yana keeping the suspect down, troopers took 31-year-old Davion Cousins of Muncie into custody, according to ISP. Cousins was taken to Indiana University Ball Memorial Hospital for medical clearance before he was transported to Delaware County Jail.

Cousins is now facing five misdemeanor charges and two felony charges. One of the charges is related to resisting law enforcement causing injury, which is a Level 5 Felony in Indiana.

The maximum penalty for a Level 5 Felony in Indiana is a six-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $10,000.