INDIANAPOLIS — Indy’s roads have become such a problem that the city is approving extra overtime hours to help fix potholes.

“You hear this big crash, and you think it was a crash, but it’s just someone going ahead and disappearing in a pothole. Nobody has seen them since,” laughed Jerry Beauregard, a homeowner on Rural Street.

Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) says the freeze thaw cycle over the last few months has added to the pothole issues. A rainy spring has kept crews from patching, while also generating more holes. To date, DPW has fixed roughly 18,500 pothole service requests this year.

“It does feel like you can go off-roading on some of the local roads around here,” smiled Joel Burkhead, a homeowner near 64th Street.

This week of dry, warm weather will allow DPW to make a big impact on city streets. Road crews will be working 10-hour days each day this week.

“Even those extra two hours, where they don’t have to mobilize and demobilize, there’s that momentum,” said Ben Easley, spokesperson for DPW. “That allows for even a third more work than a normal 8-hour work day.

DPW is monitoring road deterioration data to determine which streets need a repaving versus patching They also use the frequency of your calls to the mayor’s action line to choose which areas to attack.