INDIANAPOLIS — The NFL Combine not only brings in athletes and scouts but it rings in a lot of money to the Circle City. 

It is one of the many reasons people want the combine to stay even after 2024.

“It is a long-standing tradition that the city comes out for, and the city gets excited for every year,” said Senior Communications Manager for Visit Indy, Nate Swick.

It’s the 36th consecutive year the NFL Combine is being hosted in Indianapolis. The city is set to bring in around $10 million. 

“2,500 pounds of meat, 800 pounds of shrimp. That is just what we have purchased for this week alone and we will go through it quickly,” said the General Manager of St Elmo Steak House Richard Edwards.

It’s not just the restaurants that are slammed with business. 

“We are sold out and it starts from really last weekend and will wrap up this coming weekend,” said the JW Marriott General Manager, Phil Ray.  

Swick says with a new fan experience that allows attendees to enjoy events inside and outside, they can’t begin to imagine how many people will be in the city this weekend.  

“It is going to be kind of a learning curve for how many people come out for it. Thousands, we don’t know how many thousands yet,” said Swick.

Last year was the first time the combine host was put up for bid since 1987. City leaders are hoping things like more fan engagement will help keep the event after 2024.

“There is a certain energy and vibe that comes to the city. It is very busy and very active,” said Ray.

One thing everyone agrees upon, after 36 consecutive years the combine is one of the best weeks of the year. 

“Combine stays in Indianapolis!” said Edwards.

The new NFL fan experience is free. It starts Thursday and goes through Sunday. You can register here.