INDIANAPOLIS — A usual slow spot for drivers has been even worse the last few days as westbound I-465 right by Allisonville Road has been down to one lane since Wednesday.

The closures have created significant delays, especially during morning and afternoon rush hours.

INDOT said the reason for the closure is a surprise pothole on the left shoulder of the road. Crews closed down the left lane to keep cars and semis driving past far away from the hole.

”It is dangerous,” Kyleigh Cramer with INDOT said. “That’s why we’re getting in there so quickly.”

INDOT crews came in Thursday morning to take care of the damage.

”We finished pouring in our concrete at 10 a.m. this morning and basically all we have to do is let it rest, let it cure,” said Cramer.

But this wasn’t your average fill a pothole and move on. Cramer said INDOT decided to dig up the shoulder around the pothole as well. Crews created a 35-foot long by 15-foot wide hole on the side of I-465.

”We wanted to make sure this wasn’t a deeper crack or this crack did not spread further,” Cramer said.

Cramer said this should hopefully ensure they won’t be coming back to deal with other potholes in the same area.

As for what caused the problem, Cramer said it’s the same as other potholes: Factors like heavy vehicles, salt and weather.

”It’s never just one problem,” Cramer said. “It’s always a bunch of little things adding up to the perfect pothole.”

INDOT crews are doing what they can to have the lane back open as soon as possible, including using chemicals to make the concrete dry faster and protecting it from the weather.

”That actually speeds up the curing process and we’re also covering it, as well,” Cramer said. “To make sure that if there is some snow, whatever we’re receiving today, won’t affect the curing process.”

Cramer said the left lane of I-465 WB should be back open before the Friday morning rush hour.

INDOT added this unexpected work has not impacted the overall Clear Path 465 project. The project is on track to finish at the end of 2025.