INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Department of Transportation is less than four months from its goal of having traffic flowing through the North Split in Indianapolis.

”The goal is to get traffic moving through and around the North Split at the end of 2022,” said Kyleigh Cramer with INDOT.

Cramer said there are several factors that could stand in the way, though.

”We’re starting to get into colder weather. This season we saw inflation go up, we saw supplies start to drop,” she said.

The end of 2022 would mark two years of construction on the massive project. Cramer said drivers should be starting to see new roads and construction coming together. 

”With construction I always say for awhile you don’t see anything. You see a bunch of big hills of dirt and then, ‘Boom!'” she said. “There is something.”

Commuters are now able to use some of the new pavement on the North Split. Plus, St. Clair Street is now back open along with one of dozens of new bridges going over it.

”This allows a whole lot of relief kind of from the Mass Ave. area,” Cramer said.

At the same time, a small portion of College Ave. is closed between 11th and 13th Street.

”All of our traffic will be detoured to Central Avenue,” Cramer said.

Crews in the area will be working on adding walls and making the area more accessible to pedestrians.

The completion of the North Split isn’t just something drivers are looking forward to but police as well.

”The challenge of having the North Split closed is just the sheer volume of traffic that had to be shifted to other roadways,” said Sgt. John Perrine with the Indiana State Police.

Perrine said drivers have adjusted to the changing detours, but it’s also something first responders have to adjust to.

”It’s something we have to have a plan for because in an emergency seconds matter, and our goal is to get there as quick as we can,” he said.

Cramer said people will start to notice even more changes as the construction season comes to an end this winter.

”We’re getting into the final stages of just really paving and putting down some new concrete, and that’s really exciting,” Cramer said.

Even with the goal of major North Split construction being done by the end of 2022, Cramer said drivers should still expect crews in the area to finish up landscaping, local street repairs and more through 2023.