INDIANAPOLIS — The Indy Chamber released a statement urging Indiana lawmakers to scrap Senate Bill 1, the contentious abortion measure under discuss at the Statehouse.

Senate Bill 1, which would place significant restrictions on abortion in Indiana, passed in the Senate by a 26-20 vote Saturday. A House committee advanced the legislation this week in an 8-5 vote after several amendments, with the full House set to propose additional amendments during a second reading Thursday.

Lawmakers are considering the measure as part of a special session called by Gov. Eric Holcomb, who initially expected them to discuss his inflation relief plan. After the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe v. Wade, the focus of the session turned toward the abortion measure.

The Indy Chamber bills itself as a “voice of progress and improvement in the region, uniting business and community to maintain a strong economy and quality of life.”

The group’s primary concern about the legislation is that a “substantial policy change” is being pushed forward on a “compressed timeline” during the special session.

“Such an expedited legislative process—rushing to advance state policy on broad, complex issues—is, at best, detrimental to Hoosiers, and at worst, reckless,” the Indy Chamber said in a statement.

The group said the bill has several unanswered questions, ranging from how the state plans to improve poor infant and maternal health outcomes to the legal risks for physicians and how Indiana will attract talent and grow its economy.

“The Indy Chamber urges the legislature not to proceed with SB 1,” the Indy Chamber said. “We ask that the General Assembly instead take time to listen to the public, consult with physicians and healthcare providers, and work to address these unanswered questions.”