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CLARK COUNTY, Ind. — State troopers came across an unlikely vehicle on an southern Indiana interstate: an electric Walmart cart.

According to a Facebook post by the Sellersburg post of the ISP, senior trooper Rob Caudill came across a man riding an electronic cart while pushing a construction barrel around 5 a.m. Monday on I-265 in Clark County.

ISP says the man was taken to Louisville, Kentucky for pending charges, while the cart was recovered and returned to Walmart.

Officials want to remind Hoosiers unauthorized vehicles like electric carts are not allowed on the interstate. Plus, slower vehicles should use the right hand lane.

“A vehicle that travels at a speed less than the established maximum shall travel in the right lanes to provide for better flow of traffic on the interstate highways,” writes ISP.

There are some exceptions for slower vehicles to use the left lane like inclement weather, traffic conditions, or to give an authorized emergency vehicle (in operation) right of way.