BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana University put out an alert on Thursday evening warning students and staff of an “armed subject” on campus.

IU said the subject had been sighted near 1200 N. Eagleson, in the area of several Greek houses.

“If you are on campus, trust your instincts and take safe shelter in the nearest available room,” the university initially warned at 7:24 p.m.. “Lock doors if possible and remain in place until you receive a final IU Notify update or law enforcement gives you other instructions. Call 911 if you have information about the armed person. If you are not on campus, stay away. Follow instructions from university officials or local authorities. More information will follow shortly.”

Minutes later, IU provided an update stating that police are looking for three individuals — a male in a red sweatshirt and two females — suspected of intimidation with a weapon. They are said to have fled north from Eagleson in a gray Ford Fusion.

At 8:23 p.m., the Indiana University Police Department said that a search of the area had been completed and stated normal activities could be resumed.

“Stay cautious of your surroundings,” the university added, “Call 911 with info on suspects or suspect vehicle.”