UPDATE (8/25/2023): Kegan Kline filed a notice declaring his intention to appeal his 43-year sentence.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: On Thursday evening, a Miami County judge sentenced Kegan Kline to 43 years in prison with three years suspended. He was given 1,429 days of jail credit.


MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. – An Indiana man facing multiple charges related to child exploitation will learn his punishment Thursday.

Kegan Kline is scheduled to appear for a sentencing hearing in Miami County at 9 a.m. Kline agreed to plead guilty to 25 counts, including child exploitation, child solicitation, identity theft, obstruction of justice and possession of child pornography.

The sentencing was originally scheduled for May, but Kline told the court he hadn’t seen some of the evidence that was being used against him. As a result, he parted ways with his attorney and considered withdrawing his guilty plea.

Days later, after having new attorneys appointed, Kline decided to continue with his guilty plea and proceed with sentencing.

According to investigators, Kline used a fake social media profile called “anthony_shots” to solicit photos from underage girls.

While he has never been named as a suspect in the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German in Delphi, Kline has become linked to the case after it came to light that the “anthony_shots” profile had communicated with Libby German.

Police searched Kline’s home less than two weeks after the murders. The investigation subsequently led to more than a dozen charges against him unrelated to the Delphi murders. Prosecutors later charged Richard Allen in the Delphi case.

Kline’s child exploitation case has been subject to numerous delays. In November, the judge dismissed five counts against him at the prosecution’s request.