MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. – Kegan Kline pleaded guilty Thursday to multiple charges connected to a child exploitation case.

Kline pleaded guilty to 25 counts of child pornography, child solicitation, child exploitation, synthetic identity deception and obstruction of justice as the result of an investigation undertaken by detectives attempting to solve the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German near Delphi in February of 2017.

He has never been charged in connection with those killings.

During Kline’s guilty plea hearing before Miami Circuit Judge Timothy Spahr, Defense Attorney Andrew Achey read out loud to the courtroom and his client each count and the specific details of the evidence and whether the contents were pornographic videos, photographs and dialog or fake identities and attempts to destroy evidence.

Achey related that one of Kline’s victims was less than 12 years old.

“‘She’s only 14,’” Achey quoted a message posted by his client referring to another victim. “‘Ha-ha.’”

Kline pleaded guilty to 13 Level 5 felonies, which carry a maximum of six-year prison sentences, and 12 Level 6 felonies, punishable by a maximum of 30 months in prison.

During sentencing on May 18th, Judge Spahr will consider not only the term but also whether those sentences will run concurrently or consecutively.

Kline has been jailed pending trial for 31 months, time served that will no doubt be considered by Judge Spahr during sentencing.

The judge directed the Miami County Probation Services to conduct Kline’s Pre-Sentence Investigation.

“It’s a complete report about an individual’s life, their family history, educational history, mental health history, criminal history,” said Deputy Prosecutor Courtney Alwine. “It’s really a report about a person. The probation department will then complete a recommendation what the sentence should ultimately be.”

Kline sat at the Defense table, handcuffed in an orange jumpsuit, and told the Court he was self-diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic.

During an interview with investigators at the time of his pre-trial incarceration in the summer of 2020 and an interview with a reporter in December of 2021, Kline described his own troubled upbringing, indicating that he had shared narcotics with a family member who he claimed may have had access to his social media account.

During today’s hearing, Achey read into the record that his client used the false social media identities of “anthony shots” and “emilyanne45” to communicate with young girls as he solicited them for sexual content.

Aside from acknowledgment of his criminal acts, Kline offered no explanation or apology to the Court or his victims.

Presumably, he will be provided the opportunity to make such comments during sentencing.

It was as the personae “anthony shots” that investigators found Kline first communicated with Libby the night before she was murdered along with Abby near Deer Creek in Carroll County.

Social media messages uncovered by investigators indicate Libby thought she was to meet “anthony shots” the next day at the Monon High Bridge.

Investigators have never alleged that Kline was at the bridge that day or played an active role in the girls’ deaths.

Richard Allen of Delphi was arrested last fall and faces trial for those killings.

While Kline’s Plea Agreement, at this point, contains no conditions that he must cooperate with investigators probing the Delphi killings or any other crimes, Judge Spahr advised the 28-year-old Peru man that upon release from custody, he will be required to register as a violent sex offender in Indiana for the rest of his life, limiting his choice of future jobs, residency, and incidental locations.

During the hearing, Judge Spahr called a 20-minute recess so that he might retire to chambers and view a disc of the pornographic evidence assembled against Kline.

That evidence will remain under seal, though Kline acknowledged that he had viewed the unredacted images along with his attorney.

Achey refused to comment as he left the courtroom.