HOWARD COUNTY, Ind. — A Kokomo man was charged after investigators learned he molested children and allowed and even coerced them to smoke marijuana, according to court documents.

Police in Howard County interviewed four children about James Phillips after an investigation involving the Department of Child Services.

A female child told investigators Phillips would often ask about how she was “developing” and would sometimes “examine” her chest. She estimated Phillips touched her chest about 30 times, according to court documents.

She also said Phillips had asked her to touch him inappropriately once when he was “really messed up on Xanax,” according to court records.

James Phillips booking photo

Investigators claimed another girl said Phillips grabbed her breast in one incident and commented, “oh, it’s not padding.”

All four children said Phillips used drugs in front of them. Court documents allege those drugs included Xanax, meth, cocaine, and marijuana.

One of the children said she and one of her siblings was allowed to smoke marijuana at the home. She also said she was disciplined by either being “whooped” by a belt or being forced to exercise for hours.

When investigators talked to another child, he told them Phillips tried to get him to smoke marijuana multiple times, at one point putting a bong in his face and threatening to “whoop” him if he did not smoke.

During his interview, he also said Phillips tried to see his “privates” several times but he always refused.

Phillips was charged with two counts of child molesting and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, as well as sexual battery and neglect of a dependent.