KOKOMO, Ind. — A veteran of the Kokomo Police Department was taken into custody by fellow officers this week after a warrant was issued for reportedly violating a protective order.

Travis C. Williams, 39, was taken into custody Tuesday by KPD officers after Judge Douglas Tate issued a warrant for invasion of privacy, a Class A misdemeanor. Kokomo Police Chief Douglas Stout announced the case against Williams in a news release Tuesday.

In the release, Chief Stout said that the invasion of privacy charge was the result of an investigation that began on Sept. 7. According to KPD, a woman called 911 saying her husband had shown up at her home and thus violated an active, court-ordered protective order.

KPD officers “immediately investigated” the complaint, Stout said, and soon concluded that Williams was the suspect involved.

Williams, KPD confirmed Tuesday, is a 15-year veteran of the Kokomo police force.

Evidence was brought to the Howard County Prosecutor’s Office requesting a warrant for Williams, KPD said, and on Tuesday the warrant was granted.

Williams, Stout said, was subsequently taken into custody by KPD officers and booked into the Howard County Criminal Justice Center on one charge of invasion of privacy.

According to the KPD news release, Williams has been placed on administrative leave effective immediately. This is standard procedure when an officer is criminally charged and is pending the outcome of the investigation.

Under Indiana state law, a class A misdemeanor carries a maximum sentence of 1 year in prison and a maximum fine total of $5,000.