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LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A Lafayette man is credited for rescuing five people from a burning home. Crime tape surrounds the burnt home on Union Street. Windows are boarded up. The siding is melted. The strong smell of smoke is still holding on days later.

“I can remember the flames now,” said Nick Bostic, a rescuer.

Monday morning around 12:30, Nick Bostic was on his way home when he saw the flames.

“I saw the fire on the balcony so I slammed on the brakes, pulled in the driveway, and ran into the house from the back. I was hollering ‘Is there anybody in there?’” said Bostic.

As soon as Nick got inside, he saw four people and helped get them out. The oldest was 18. The youngest was 2. The group told Nick, there was one person still inside.   

“I knew what I was risking,” said Bostic.

The second time in, the fire was bigger and the smoke was thicker.

“The smoke just came out of nowhere. It was pitch black, pitch black. The heat was excruciating,” said Bostic.

Finally, he found her and found a way out, a window on the second floor.

“I grabbed her and held her snug and I ran up those stairs like a running back for the Colts. I jumped out that window,” said Bostic.

Everyone inside was out and safe. Nick was just released from the hospital. He has cuts, burns, and blisters on his legs, arm, and hand. He’s sore and so relieved.

“I was just pushing time on its edge. I was pushing its limit, literally pushed its limit to the last millisecond. I just got lucky,” said Bostic.

A little luck and a lot of bravery. The 25-year-old doesn’t think what he did was heroic, instead calls it just being a good person.

“If it were me up there trapped, or asleep and there was a fire, I’d be hoping that the guy driving would consider doing the same if they were able to,” said Bostic.

Nick hasn’t had the chance to meet any of the victim’s family members but has talked with them through Facebook. Lafayette Fire officials tell FOX 59 some type of honor or recognition is being discussed for Nick.

The fire was ruled accidental and it’s still under investigation.