LAKE COUNTY, Ind. — A GPS system led police to a suspected thief in Lake County last week.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said around 7:30 a.m. Friday, its Auto Theft Unit got a report of two utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) stolen from a utility company’s (NIPSCO) job site in Lowell.

Lake and Newton county police utilized GPS tracking technology to follow the UTVs as they were on the move and eventually pinpointed their location to a pickup truck towing them on N. State Road 55 near Fair Oaks.

Provided by Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office

Police pulled the vehicle over and arrested a man in the truck.

The UTVS were both recovered. Police say they are worth around $50,000.

“I am extremely proud of the initiative, determination and skill officers from both Lake County and Newton County showed in cooperating to locate and recover this stolen property,” said Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr.