INDIANAPOLIS — The suspension of Indianapolis Surgeon Dr. Scott Mimms’ medical license was extended 90-days by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board (MLB) Thursday.

The suspension is effective today and came about by virtue of an agreement between Mimms, his attorney and the Indiana Attorney general’s office. Submitted to the MLB on Monday was a formal letter requesting the extension of the suspension.

The MLB approved the extension unanimously but without a discussion why it was necessary. Mimms’ medical license was originally suspended in January after an investigation by the Attorney general’s office found the doctor was a “clear and immediate danger” to patients.

It appears likely Mimms would reappear before the MLB in June.

Meanwhile, malpractice claims against Mimms have been stacking up this year. So far, ten claims have been filed by nine former patients of Dr. Mimms.    

Two key details in those claims match tendencies in Mimms’ cosmetic surgery practice that he has been chastised about by the MLB. All of the 2023 claimants had surgeries performed in Mimms’ office and not in a certified surgical center or hospital. Also, the patients all say Mimms did their surgery while simultaneously overseeing anesthesia.

One MLB member described Mimms’ tendency to fill a dual role in surgery as “not safe”.