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INDIANAPOLIS — A loud “boom” was heard throughout several Indiana counties on Wednesday afternoon leading many agencies scrambling to try and determine the source of the noise and leaving many Hoosiers searching for answers.

Reports have come in from Monroe, Brown, Johnson, Decatur, Bartholomew, Jackson and Jennings counties of a loud “boom” or explosion noise that occurred at 12:44 p.m.

The Cordry-Sweetwater Volunteer Fire Department caught the noise on camera but stated they had not been able to determine a source.

According to Monroe County EMA, crews were sent out to investigate and search for any possible damage or remnants of an explosion. So far, they said, the crews have been unable to determine any source for the noise in Monroe County.

“Monroe County Central Dispatch is aware of the loud possible explosion that was heard from many areas within the county. Fire and Law Enforcement Officials are investigating county wide. There have been reports that this event has been heard in surrounding counties. No issues have been found within Monroe County at this time.”

Monroe County Emergency Managment

Brown County EMA stated they also were searching for a source. “If we receive a confirmed source of this afternoon’s boom we will post it,” they posted on Facebook.

Initial online speculation suggested perhaps the sound had come from Camp Atterbury where a detonation or live-fire training may have been the culprit behind the thunderous boom.

The Indiana National Guard confirmed no fire, explosion, denotation fire nor live-fire training had occurred at Camp Atterbury on Wednesday, however.

FOX59 has reached out to Purdue and Indiana universities seismograph teams to see if an earthquake may have been the source of the noise.