INDIANAPOLIS – Drivers going through downtown Indianapolis will see some major changes starting Saturday.

The Indiana Department of Transportation will start shifting westbound I-70 traffic across the median onto the new flyover bridge beginning Saturday (Oct. 1), with the transition expected to wrap up by Monday, Oct. 3.

Under the change, the exits approaching the North Split will switch sides; INDOT will place shields on the pavement to help drivers navigate.

Drivers who intend to exit at Michigan Street (C/D ramp) will need to use the right lane. Drivers planning to continue on I-70 westbound to I-65 northbound or exit at Meridian/Pennsylvania streets will use the two left lanes.

Map via INDOT

Rural/Keystone will not have access to I-70 westbound as a result of the changes.

INDOT said the altered traffic pattern will provide a safe work area for crews while allowing vehicles to move through.

Drivers may see slow traffic as people adjust to the changes, which will remain in place until the North Split project is complete.

According to INDOT, drivers still have access to downtown via:

  • I-70 westbound collector/distributor (C/D) ramp exit ramp to Michigan Street (13-ton declared vehicle weight restriction effect)  
  • I-65 northbound/ I-70 eastbound exit ramp to Washington Street (13-ton declared vehicle weight restriction in effect) 
  • I-65 northbound and southbound to Martin Luther King. Jr/West Street
  • I-65 southbound to Meridian Street 
  • I-65 northbound to Meridian and Pennsylvania Streets 
  • All existing ramps on I-70 west of the South split