ANDERSON, Ind. — An Anderson man was arrested for threatening witnesses after firing shots and seriously injuring a woman at a tattoo party in May, according to court documents.

Daemauze Red, 20, of Anderson was charged with Intimidation, a Level 5 Felony, as well as Obstruction of Justice, a Level 6 Felony, after threatening a witness to not speak about the reported crimes he previously committed.

Red was previously charged with aggravated battery, battery with a deadly weapon, and criminal recklessness after allegedly shooting a woman at a tattoo party on May, 22. Red was able to flee the scene, but was found after committing an armed robbery in Grant County on June, 9.

Grant County detectives were able to execute a search warrant at an apartment complex that they believed Red had a connection to. During the investigation, they found a bag of Reds belongings that included numerous legal documents. They also located passages where he wrote about the crime and a cell phone number.

The cell phone number gave officers insight on his possible location. The data indicated that he may have been in the 1200 block of Nichol Ave. Although law enforcement surrounded the home, Red worked to escape through a window but was quickly apprehended.

On June 12, officers had the opportunity to review the handwritten letters in his bag that all contained alternate versions of what occurred at the tattoo party and further corroborated the claims of the witnesses.

Red was booked in the Madison County Jail.