UPDATE: Officials confirmed the John Doe was 24-year-old Bernard Caillouet, a Carmel man who went missing on November 3.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Marion County Coroner’s Office has released a batch of photographs in hopes that the public may be able to help identify a John Doe who was found dead in Indianapolis on Monday.

The coroner’s office stated that the deceased black male was found in the 1900 block of Bluff Road. Neither police nor the coroner’s office have been able to positively identify the deceased, however.

The Marion County Coroner’s Office hopes that by releasing photographs of the clothes found on the man’s body that someone will be able to come forward with his identity.

The coroner’s office described the dead man as a black male with short black hair who weighed around 136 pounds and was 5’10”. The man had no identifying tattoos, scars, or medical artifacts.

Fingerprints did not yield any positive identification and facial identification couldn’t be performed due to the deterioration of the body.

The coroner’s office asks anyone who might recognize the clothes and believes they may know the John Doe’s identity to call the Marion County Coroner’s Office at (317) 327-4744.