INDIANAPOLIS — Mayor Joe Hogsett has been absent from multiple events in Indianapolis this week after city officials said he injured himself while taking out the trash, requiring stitches.

According to City Spokesperson Mark Bode in a statement sent Friday night, the Mayor tripped and busted his lip while taking out the trash. Hogsett’s minor lip injury required several stitches, Bode said.

The Indianapolis Business Journal reported Friday that the injury has caused Hogsett, 66, to miss several events on his public schedule this week as he seeks reelection for a third term in office.

“[Hogsett] was expected to speak at the Indianapolis Alzheimer’s Walk and the Indy Scottish Highland Games and Festival on Sept. 30 but wasn’t able to appear,” the IBJ wrote.

“He had also planned to stop by three other public events.”

The Mayor continued to miss events later into the week.

“He’s been active in official and campaign business throughout the week while icing at home,” Bode said.

Bode added in his statement that Hogsett will be back out in the Indy community on Saturday and that he will be present at a 5 p.m. debate on Sunday.

“In the meantime, staff have advised him to no longer wear flip-flops to take out the trash,” Bode’s statement said.