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ANDERSON, Ind. — At least 11 cats were removed from an Anderson apartment that was covered in feces and urine, police confirmed.

The Herald Bulletin reports animal control officials were sent to a duplex apartment on Marine Drive Tuesday after the landlord saw the animals and the conditions they were left to live in.

The couple who lived there had been served with an eviction notice the day before after the duplex’s owner said their situation had “deteriorated rapidly” over the past few months. He told the tenants they had to get rid of their cats in order to keep living in the apartment.

“They said they had two or three cats — they had 20,” the owner told The Herald Bulletin.

Animal control officials say the cats were between 2 and 3 years old and had possibly not been outside since birth.

Eleven cats have been secured so far, according to the Herald Bulletin.

“They went and got the traps and began to place the traps, and within a few minutes, when they went back in, they’d caught several of them. The traps were baited with cat food, which tells me those cats probably had not eaten in quite some time,” Kris Ockomon, the Anderson Police Department’s animal care and control director, told the Herald Bulletin.

Ockomon believes the apartment was left in such bad condition that it will have to be torn down.

The cats will be turned over to the Animal Protection League for adopting once they receive veterinary care.

It’s believed an arrest warrant for animal neglect will be executed for the tenants.