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MARION, Ind. – The lawyers representing 83 women who filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. William David Moore and 3 healthcare entities said Monday they expect more victims to sign on. 

FOX59/CBS4 has learned that not only have former patients of Dr. Moore come forward, but also nursing staff who complained for years about the OB/GYN.

As previously reported, Dr. Moore is facing a state police investigation and has had his medical license suspended. Furthermore, a lawsuit filed last Friday lists 83 women, identified as Jane Does, alleges multiple instances of medical malpractice.

It includes each Jane Doe’s age, when the woman is said to have sought medical treatment from Dr. Moore and where they were treated. These women who have signed onto this lawsuit, said they want Dr. Moore and Marion Hospital, where he had privileges, to take notice that this kind of what they call inexcusable behavior will not be tolerated.

The Marion, Ind. physician who had his license suspended in March, is accused of photographing women’s genitalia without their permission. He is also accused of inappropriate behavior during pelvic exams, including not wearing gloves, and ordering unneeded medical tests.

“They were subjected to prolonged often painful examinations where they were not medically necessary,” said Attorney Stephanie Cassman.

The more than 80 women listed in the lawsuit range in age from 15-73 and saw Dr. Moore while he practiced in Grant County for some 30 years. Included in the lawsuit is the hospital where he practiced, Marion General. The lawsuit says nurses and staff reported Dr. Moore’s behavior but were ignored.

“They made complaints that were well aware of complaints that were made well over the years repeatedly about Dr. Moore’s conduct, whether it was a woman who was in labor and delivery in the hospital admitted then with a false diagnosis,” Cassman said. “That was not supported.”

Jason Reese, a lawyer also involved with the lawsuit, said the issues with Dr. Moore and Marion General were clear.

“Our witnesses who worked at Marion General that made complaints to Marion leadership,” Reese said. “But executives who turned a blind eye and by doing so, they put their own hospital profits above their patients.”

FOX59/CBS4 called Dr. Moore for a response and has not heard back.

On Thursday, May 5, Marion Health responded to our request for comment concerning the lawsuit.

“Marion Health has received a copy of a complaint filed with the Indiana Department of Insurance with regard to a physician who formerly held medical staff privileges.  Marion Health is currently reviewing the allegations of malpractice made in the complaint.  It is our mission to provide high-quality and compassionate care to our patients.  Marion Health is unable to discuss details of the allegations due to patient confidentiality and privacy laws.”

Marion Health