MUNCIE, Ind. — A 33-year-old Muncie woman has been found guilty of dealing heroin to another woman who then overdosed and died.

Vera R. Morgan was found guilty on Wednesday after the jury deliberated for only a little over an hour. On top of being found guilty of dealing a controlled substance resulting in death, the jury also found Morgan guilty of being a habitual offender.

Vera Morgan

According to court documents, Morgan was convicted of supplying heroin to Mandy Hart and her then-boyfriend in late October 2020. Hart reportedly met Morgan at a gas station located at Port and Hoyt streets where Morgan sold Hart a small clear bag containing what Hart thought was heroin for $40.

Hart then gave Hart and her boyfriend a ride back to the boyfriend’s residence on 17th Street where the couple began using the dope. The boyfriend told police after splitting one shot Hart overdosed but he brought her back.

Court documents reveal that the boyfriend admitted that he and Hart forgot about the overdose and then took another shot. The boyfriend passed out and when he awoke, Hart wasn’t breathing.

According to the court documents, Morgan admitted to giving heroin to Hart for Hart’s birthday but refused to admit guilt in giving Hart the heroin that led to her death even though the two women talked about the deal in Facebook messages.

Morgan was sentenced on Oct. 19 to 32 years for the dealing in a controlled substance resulting in a death charge. An additional eight years was added for being a habitual offender.