NOBLESVILLE — A Noblesville woman is confused after she stepped into her backyard Tuesday to find a dead animal in which she could not identify.

“We found it Tuesday night in our baby pool,” said Michelle Havlik. “Our dog took it out of the pool and dropped it on the ground.”

“We were freaked out! My husband told me he found Rufus from Kim Possible and I saw it about literally screamed. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately took a picture and sent it to my dad and asked what the heck it was! I honestly thought someone was pranking me because of how odd it was.”

Michelle Havlik found the creature and decided to reach out to her community on Facebook Thursday to see if anyone could ID the animal.

Havlik posted a picture of the animal in the “Noblesville Chatter UNSENSORED” Facebook page with a caption that reads:

“Okay chatter, I have a good one for you…. Can anyone tell me what the he** this is? It was found in my backyard in the baby pool. DNR said they won’t come ID it, so I am so curious To what people think it is. No pig farms around (I thought it was a baby pig) but it feet are weird.”

What does this look like to you?

The post has over 200 comments of people suggesting what they think the animal could be. Many were commenting that it is a groundhog, while others suggested it was baby pig, Chupacabra, mole, or a squirrel.

“No one in my family or my husband’s family could figure out what it was!” said Havlik. “So I called DNR and they told me they couldn’t come get it but to send a picture of it to them.”

Before DNR told Havlik they couldn’t take it, she went into her backyard to bag the animal corpse, but it was gone.

“Then they gave me a number to the biologist that works for the DNR office and he was puzzled and told me he would get back to me with some sort of answers if he could figure it out. So I posted on Facebook to see if anyone else could figure it out.”

“I’m so weirded out. It was the most strange thing I ever saw.”

Havlik heard back from DNR just after 3:00 p.m. Thursday, identifying the creature as a groundhog.

“This looks like a groundhog,” said a DNR staff member in a text conversation with Havlik. “The shape of the nose and mouth, the front and the hind feet, the general body shape all help me point in that direction. Death in water does odd things to bodies – including hair loss, bloating, etc. It really makes the animal look alien.”