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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A new program is bringing people from all over the country and even from other countries to relocate right here in the Hoosier State. 

Bloomington Remote is offering people incentives to move there. 

The program was featured by a new company, MakeMyMove, which is aimed at connecting remote workers to new communities. 

The program aims to attract remote workers to move to Bloomington by offering them free membership to a co-working center and support getting settled into their new community. 

Abby Cox is a content creator with a popular channel on YouTube who makes videos about historic clothing and customs from different eras. 

She went to IU in Bloomington and recently moved back from Reno, Nevada as part of the Bloomington remote program. 

“Knowing that I had a place to work with the WIFI access that I needed, also giving me a designated workspace has been huge,” said Cox. 

The program gives her three years of free membership to The Mill worth more than $2,200 a year. 

It offers co-working office space, an instant network and other amenities. 

“When you’re self-employed, own your own business especially when you are a content creator like me, it’s easy not to have good boundaries for the work that you do,” 

She applied through “MakeMyMove.” It’s a marketplace that connects remote workers to places offering incentives. 

“The pandemic provided quite an opportunity for us. We have been working on a product to find talent that is connected to the state of Indiana and attract them to relocate back,” said co-founder and president of Make My Move Evan Hock. 

It’s based in Indianapolis, but the company features other locations across the country. 

“It’s really fascinating. Indiana is not alone in its quest for talent and for new residents.”  

Bloomington city leaders say the boost has been good for them and they hope this is just the beginning. 

“I hope it keeps growing and I hope we continue to reach out to people in our country, our state and across the globe,” said John Hamilton Mayor of Bloomington. 

So far, 13 remote workers have moved to Bloomington and a 14th person is in the process of moving.