NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — A brand new Costco is set to open this November in Noblesville, according to the wholesale giant’s website.

Last October, a liquor license granted by the Hamilton County Alcoholic Beverage Commission revealed the wholesale retailer’s intentions of opening a Costco location in Noblesville.

The Washington-based Costco Wholesale Corporation is building its new store on the southwest corner of E. 148th Street and N. Point Blvd, just northeast of where 146th Street crosses State Road 37.

While Costco already boasts four stores in the Indianapolis metropolitan area, including two on the city’s north side, the Noblesville location will serve as the first in Hamilton County.

Costco operates 839 stores worldwide with 578 locations in 46 U.S. states. The store requires shoppers to purchase an annual membership and reported having nearly 120 million cardholding members.